Guest Post

by Belle

Thank you for your interest in guest posting on True & Pretty!

Before you submit a guest post, make sure you read the guidelines and then contact me via email, true and pretty*at*gmail*dot*com.


  1. You have to be a blogger with an active website.
  2. The post has to be an original piece, at least 600 words, and if you can include a picture, that is great.
  3. You can include up to two links back to your blog in the body, and links to your social accounts in the bio.
  4. No affiliate links.
  5. No paid links to commercial sites.
  6. Make sure the post is spell checked.
  7. Please come over on the day you are published to reply to comments and promote in social networks.
  8. Be personal, this post is about getting to know you and have my readers want to visit your site. An impersonal list post will not do it.
  9. Finally, True and Pretty is about building wealth, finding ways to make more, achieving life goals, aiming higher, thinking out of the box… Posts about those topics are welcome, I would love to hear about your plans to start a side hustle, not how you save money on XYZ. Unless XYZ is a travel destination. Or a piece of real estate. You get the idea.

I reserve the right to edit or refuse any post that does not follow those guidelines.

Thank you!






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